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The practice nurses run clinics in conjunction with the doctors, by appointment only:

  • Vaccination and immunisation (Children and Adults)
  • Chronic heart disease
  • Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • COPD
  • Travel clinic

The practice nurses also see patients for review of conditions like: blood pressure, dressing of wounds, ear syringing and oral contraception. Sometimes a doctor may need to review you as appropriate.

Cervical Smear

This is an important test to prevent cancer of the cervix and one which we believe all women should have every three years between the age of 25 years and 49 years. And every five years from age 50 up to 65 years. The receptionist can arrange the appropriate appointment on request. All Doctors and some Practice nurses perform this test (Please ask for details)

Antenatal Care

If you are thinking of becoming, or already are pregnant, start taking folic acid and please attend the normal surgery so that your pregnancy can be confirmed and any advice discussed. The doctor will then ask you to attend the antenatal clinic where care by the district midwife, under guidance from the GP, will be given. The object of this care is to maintain the health of mother and baby throughout the pregnancy. Regular attendance is therefore essential. The midwife will invite you to relaxation and mother craft classes. The classes are to help you understand your pregnancy, labour and how to look after your baby.


To protect confidentiality appointments to discuss contraception, vasectomy, sterilisation etc are held in normal surgeries rather than any specific surgeries.

Child Assessment Clinics

Your baby will be invited for an appointment at 6-8 weeks old with a Doctor. This is to assess growth and development. Appointments are for 'well babies' only. Poorly children should not be brought to these clinics but should be seen in surgery by appointment to avoid the spread of infection.

Child Immunisation Clinics

It is our aim to immunise all of the children in the practice in order to protect them against certain diseases. We can only do this with parents' co-operation so please try to keep your given appointments. The doctors or health visitors are happy to discuss any worries or concerns about immunisation you might have.

Dietetic Advice

A visiting dietician works in conjunction with the doctors and practice nurses.


Routine advice and help for problems of walking and foot pain is provided by close co-operation with the chiropodist in the health centre. NHS access to the chiropodist is for retired people or those with certain chronic conditions only. Diabetics particularly need routine chiropody.

Minor Surgery

Many minor operations such as removal of small lumps, warts and skin tags, injection of joints like knees, shoulders and elbows, tendons, trigger fingers, carpal tunnels etc. can be carried out at the health centre. All of the doctors perform minor surgery. Make a routine appointment to see your doctor; it could save you a trip to the hospital.

Non-NHS Work

A charge is made for services not included in the NHS remit. These include forms for financial or insurance purposes. Also included are some travel vaccinations, passport application and forms authorising private referrals. Medical examinations for special purposes such as elderly drivers, pre-employment, fitness to undertake sports, HGV or PSV drivers are carried out at the health centre by appointment. Fees charged are in line with recommended BMA rates. Ask at the reception for details.

Health Checks

Patients over the age of 75 who have not consulted a GP in the last 12 months can request an appointment for a check-up. We are also calling "healthy" people between the ages of 40 and 74 years for a 5 yearly health check (subject to change)

Health Promotion

The aim of health promotion is to try to identify risk factors at an early stage and prevent them from causing ill health. For this reason we will ask about smoking and drinking habits and measure your blood pressure and weight from time to time. This is especially wise for people with a family history of heart disease, diabetes or stroke.

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